benessence 2018 18th Anniversary

20th Oct- 30th Nov 2018 

Body line / face line, improvement in physical condition and mental fatigue
The body's internal meridian adjustment
- Monter Therapy-

What is ` Monter Therapy ? ▶︎CLICK
A: Monter Therapy Body Basic - 65min (HKD 1000 ▶︎ HKD900)
  Option + Pelvic bandage HKD $150-
      Option +Monter head massage HKD$200-

B:Monter Therapy Body Level up- 90min (HKD 1400 ▶︎HKD $1260)
     Option +Monter head massage HKD$200-
     (include  cream pack + whole body bandage)

C: Monter Face Basic  60min HKD850 ▶︎HKD750
D: Monter Face Level up 80min HKD1050▶︎HKD940

-Relax Medical Aromatherapy

body treatment with aroma head massage 
E: 60min HKD 600 ▶︎HKD540  80min  HKD800▶︎HKD720

ーnatural Medical Aromatherapy Face Treatment 
F:60min HKD600 ▶︎HKD540 

Special Menu
Special A :Monter Therapy Face +Aroma Back massage HKD800(80min)
Special B: Monter body +monter head massage HKD 1000 (90min)

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9D,Vienna Mansion,No,55 Paterson St. Causeway Bay,HK
tel: 2577-0533
Mon-Sat 9:30-20:30
Sun- 14:00-18:00
Public Holiday 10:00-19:00

cancel policy : before 24h.
payment: only cash